Sunday, June 17, 2012

#27. Hike the Knobstone Trail

Bugs, numerous thorns, daunting vertical ascents, thirst, sweat, shortness of breath and poor cellphone reception: these were the only things on my mind as I climbed the knobs of the Knobstone Trail, a 58-mile footpath in Southern Indiana. Although much of the trail is beautiful and peacefully isolated, the "knobs" can be miserable. Luckily I only encountered three of these miserable climbs during my five mile hike on the Delaney Park Loop.

Aside from the knobs, which are remnants of Indiana's glacial past, my two hour hike was overall enjoyable. I went with two of my best friends and we passed the time catching up on our last few weeks of freshman college and exaggeratedly complaining about the heat and bugs.

When we weren't chatting, we took in the complete silence. While on the Trail, we encountered no other people. Miles from civilization and technology, it was almost eery how quiet everything was. We were hypnotized by the tranquility until a giant bee or stinging nettle interrupted our Thoreau moment.

The Knobstone Trail was a cool experience and a great hike, but as much as I enjoy nature, I realize I can only take in small doses. It was a pleasant day trip, but I am definitely not hardy enough to hike all 58 miles. Kudos to those who are.